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Article by: Charles M.
Last Modified: 2016-03-18 11:23:35

How to solve Tally's Manager.900 Error

The Tally Manager.900 error is caused by corrupt Tally Company file.

To fix the problem, follow these steps:

Checklist Before you start solving Manager.900 Tally Error.

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This solution to Manager.900 error requires the following:

  • Ensure you have a Tally backup file which was taken prio to the error.

Lets fix Tally Manager.900 Error!

  1. Access the Tally Data directory - Usually like - C:\Tally.Erp\Data
  2. Copy the company folder to a safe place - Example folder name can be "1003"
  3. Delete the folder the company folder name from the data directory.
  4. Launch Tally and restore a copy of your company file from a backup taken before the problem
  5. Problem solved! Work normally.

If you get error during restore, chances are that the backup file you are restoring was taken after the error and therefore unfit for restore.

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Reader Comments

[2011-08-09] Nabirye Brenda says:
please i need your help

[2011-08-10] Arif says:
tallymgr.900 error

[2011-10-04] Rakesh says:
i am facing an internal error called debug location. it says id:-8596 duplicated in the company. please help me for this.

[2011-12-12] prabhu says:
The Tally error id duplicated in the company can be solved. This error occurs because the said id is duplicated of some scenarios.

[2011-12-21] Earnhardt says:
Posts like this brighten up my day. Thanks for tkanig the time.

[2011-12-30] Tejashri says:
pls help, my tally erp 9 error is DATA IS IN INCORRECT VERSION (11) CAN RUN ONLY VERSION 10 Pls tell me how to solve this problem

[2012-01-10] Tejas says:
i have required how to recover tally trans.mgr file 900 please suggest me as well as possible.

[2012-01-17] R K says:
We have issue with tally erp 9 data which was effected by software exception c0000005(Memory access Voilation) and not able to retrieve entries so please someone help us we are ready to pay if required?

[2012-04-11] Pankaj says:
When we open a Company Then ERROR is INTERNAL ERREOR.Contact Tally Solution. Unable to Read Message 0 for Updates! So,Plz Suggest Me URGENT...

[2012-04-14] Sudharshan G V says:
i am facing an internal error called debug location. it says Id 4050 sales

[2012-04-14] Sudharshan G V says:
i am facing an internal error called debug location. it says Id 4050 sales

[2012-06-10] satyanarayana says:
i have a tally 900.tranmgr problem. i have gone through the solution given, but i have not taken back up since 4 months. i have entered a large volume of data. how can i rectify to get these 4 months data

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