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Article by: Charles M.
Last Modified: 2016-03-05 10:57:58

How to Use 'Hidden' to Track Your Stolen Laptop

Won't it be nice when someone who has stolen your laptop gets reported and tracked by your laptop? With a small software called Hidden, you can track you computer easily and get snapshots of the user and activity on your laptop! Hidden is an apple application designed to protect your Apple computer.

How 'Hidden' works

When you turn on tracking, Hidden will locate your lost computer where ever it is in the world, collect photos of the person who has it and screen shots of the computer as its being used. There is alot more information collected to help recover the laptop such us detailed network infomation.

Hidden works with Skyhook's software-only location system that quickly determines device location with 10 to 20 meter accuracy

Once your laptop has been located, the people at Hidden will help you work with the police when recovering your stolen computer. How sweet!

Steps to install Hidden

The process of installing Hidden is quite a breeze!

  1. Download Hidden from your control panel, unzip it, and run the installer on the computers you wish to protect.
  2. The installer will open a registration form asking you to enter your hiddenapp.com username and password.
  3. Login to your control panel and change the status of your computer to 'Test Mode'.
  4. Wait for about 15 minutes for test data to arrive and click 'View Updates'.
  5. Set up a Firmware Password to prevent a clean installation of OS X.
  6. To increase chances of getting the thief, set up a Guest Account. This will encourage the thief to use your computer before trying to sell it.


If you have issues with your setup, refer to Hidden's FAQ

Hidden at work!

Here is a real life example of Hidden at work!

Hidden at Work.

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